Venus Hill

International reggaemartxaska Vol.2 French Compilation CD released by Skunk Diskak

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01.The Special Guests -Another truth
02.Persiana Jones -un giorno nuovo
03.Les 100 grammes de tetes -freer man
04.Don cikuta -Eskape para ti
05.Pilfers -Show no fear
06.Balthasar – Mariana
07.Ranthazar – Schweinsand
08.Ramiccia Meets Begona -Shame and scandal
09.Rude Boy System -When a man daid
10.Big Mama -Jesse James
11.Bodybag -Keep you under
12.Fermin Muguruza -Mendelbaldarketa
13.Aspo -Supermouse
14.Antidoping -Lola
15.The moon invaders -had enough
17.The chancers -Rub it easy
18.M’Swing & the Bongo clan – Nota de partida

01.Skunk – Herri Urrats 2001
02.The allstonians – Aldo Moro
03.99%fat -Ode to my mullet
04.Rageous gratoons -Sex on the web two step
05.Protexblue -Usres
06.The planet Smashers -Surfing in tofino
07.Tagada Jones -D’autres sonorites
08.The voodoo glow skulls -The drop in
09.Inadaptas -Festa si iiuita tambe
10.Yelow umbrella’s -rise & fall
11.Kentucky Lucky’s -Her Favourite dream
12.Rude -Born to be free
13.Grimskunk -Right on
14.Arpioni -Ma ch’e padania
15.Peacocks -Untitled
16.Kargols’s Blessures
17.Venus Hill -Separate Lives
18.Senza Sicura -Lei mi gira attorno