Venus Hill

Ska Generation Russion Compilation CD released by BRP Records

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CD1: SKA Generation 1
01.The Skaliners (Ger) -Friend On The Noon
02.Smodati (It) -Il Ritorno Degli
03.Outrage (Fr) -Du Skalme!!
04.Son of Blob (NL) -Eruit
05.”Distemper” (Rus) -Mistery
06.Big Banders & The Hoccitus(Ger) -Waterway
07.Smoke Like A Fish(GB) -Death Of An Angel
08.Skat (Ger) -Where Are You From
09.Суперхикс (Mac) -Mr. Bureaucrat
10.Skavesa'(It) -Possibilita
11.Diversion (Ger) -Careless
12.General Rudie (Can) -ADD
13.Maskapone (Ger) -One Ticket Flight
14.Skazska(Rus) -The Girl is a fun of Dynamo
15.Sounds Like Chicken (Au) -There Is No Soon
16.Liquid Cheese (USA) -Bagel
17.Skalpel (Rus) -Holiday
18.Hogerbrogers (Ch) -Tod
19.Skaladdin (Ch) -Trojska Baby
20.Doctor Manette (USA) -2c
21.”Male Factors” (Rus) -Perru / Reggae

CD2: SKA Generation 2
01.MoskovSKAya (Ger) -Hello People
02.Franziska (It) -Fashion To Be Rude
03.Yellow Umbrella (Ger) -Daija
04.The Planet Smashers (Can) -Evaluation Day
05.APC (Ger) -Deathrow
06.Vento Di fronda (It) -Santina
07.Venus Hill (NL) -Back On My Feet
08.Sondaschule (Ger) -Pommesbude
09.Quatre in Toulouse (Ch) -Trip Stop
10.Les Cameleons (Fr) -Hace Calor
11.The Israelites (USA) -Roots
12.I Voted for Kodes (USA) -She Hates Ska
13.ASPO (Fr) -Skeb
14.Brainless Wankers (Ger) -Borsig Locomotive
15.The Ampherameanies (Scot)-Tales Of The Arizona
16.Wiseacre (Au) -Over-Reaction
17.Hot Pot (Ger) -15 1/2
18.The Exceptions (USA) -Sweat Georgia Beach
19.beNUTS (Ger) -Masturbarion
20.Bad Shakyn (Ger) -Bad Boy
21.Shluz (Rus) -Industrial Zone